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Meet the Team

At Bear Psychology we value your experience and want to ensure we are referring you to the right person. When you call or email, we will try our best to respond quickly so we can figure out how we might be able to help.

Dr. Anna B. Baranowsky

Clinic Director

Dr. Anna Baranowsky, Ph.D., C.Psych. Her focus is on providing services for post trauma care, depression, healthy relationship strategies and return to work services. Full Bio

Anna Kozina

Anna Kozina, M.A., C.Psych. is a senior member of our team fully trained as a Clinical Traumatologist and Traumatology Institute trainer. Full Bio

Michael Hartmann

Michael Hartman is a Mental Health Clinician with the Peterborough Family Health Team and operates his own private in Peterborough with a focus on trauma, addiction, and family therapy. Full Bio

Sara Rependa

Sara Rependa, M.A., ABD, is in supervised practice with training in Trauma Practice. She reports directly to Dr. Anna Baranowsky and is a valued member of our team. Because she is a younger clinician her availability and rates are more accessible. Full Bio

Davey Chafe

Davey Chafe, M.A., Ph.D Student, Clinical Psychology. Davey is doing his Ph.D at York University and is training to become a clinical psychologist. He has training in Trauma Practice and conducts assessments, facilitates groups, and provides individual psychotherapy. Full Bio

Niki Norouzian

Niki Norouzian, M.A., Ph.D. Student, Clinical Psychology. Niki is training to be a clinical psychologist at York University and has training in Trauma Practice. Full Bio

Tom Walker

Tom Walker has a Masters in Social Work and is a trained Clinical Traumatologist & Certified Compassion Fatigue Specialist, associate trainer, board member and consultant through the Traumatology Institute. His full-time role is as the Human Factors Specialist with Orange. Tom runs the peer support program for Ornge staff across the province. The focus is to mitigate the frontline developing compassion fatigue which, makes us susceptible to developing posttraumatic stress disorder. Tom's work also includes therapeutic interventions for staff suffering from trauma, addictions, mental health/illness, family work, and conflict mediation. Full Bio

Derek Shin

Derek is a Registered Psychotherapist who holds a masters degree in psychology. He has over twenty four years of experience in both hospital and private practice providing group and individual therapy, family counselling and psycho-educational workshops. Derek specializes in the treatment of stress, anxiety, anger, and trauma. Full Bio

Robyn Klasner

Robyn Klasner is a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional with experience in working with individuals, couples and families. Robyn offers a humanistic and holistic approach to person-centered therapy, incorporating mindfulness meditation, writing and art healing. Robyn believes that therapy is an opportunity to honor our experience and become our better selves. Full Bio

Kristina Cordeiro

A Ph.D. student at York University, Kristina is dedicated to helping survivors heal after trauma. She conducts assessments and provides individual and group therapy. Full Bio

Rossella Galati

Rossella is a Registered Psychotherapist with the College of Registered Psychotherapist of Ontario. Rossella received her Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology from Adler University in Chicago, IL. Full Bio