Surviving a Bad Relationship

Surviving a Bad Relationship -- Bear Psychology Radio Show with Dr. Amelia Kelley, Kendall Ann Combs and Dr. Anna Baranowsky

Surviving a violent or abusive relationship can leave us broken hearted and in need of healing.  Dr. Amelia Kelley & Kendall Ann Combs’ book “What I Wish I Knew: Surviving and Thriving after an Abusive Relationship” offers strength, guidance and clarity on this difficult life experience.

The book covers how a dangerous relationship can look like a fairy tale at the beginning only to unravel into an abusive and devastating situation that is difficult to leave and hard to rebuild from in the aftermath.  Kelley and Combs provide a deep dive into how you got there and how to get out and trust again.

Join us on August 25th 2022 in our conversation with Dr. Amelia Kelley and Kendall Ann Combs as we explore the dangers of an abusive personal relationship and how to free ourselves and heal from this dangerous life path.


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Dr. Kelley and Ms. Combs identify various forms of relationship abuse (i.e., physical, emotional, sexual, verbal) and identify strategies for leaving an abusive relationship (i.e., asking for help, seeking support, pre-planning; creating a safety strategy and exiting). They also unpack how to deal with the aftermath of an abusive relationship and learn to thrive after the pain.

Kendall Ann Combs is an author, activist and podcaster.  She is a survivor of Intimate Partner Violence herself and recognizes what it takes to get to safety.

Dr. Amelia Kelley, Ph.D. is a Trauma and Crisis Counseling Professor, a trauma-informed therapist, Yoga instructor and author, with a focus on helping others leave unhealthy relationships.

If you are interested in more information about domestic violence, escaping a relationship with intimidation, gaslighting, or control, this show is for you.

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