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Building Better Friendships

By Anna Baranowsky | Oct 10, 2020

We discuss Shasta’s important book “Frientimacy on Shasta Nelson is an award winning speaker and author of books “Frientimacy: How to Deepen Friendships for Lifelong Health and Happiness“, “Friendships Don’t Just Happen!” and her business book “The Business of Friendship”.  She has developed robust strategies for connecting, developing and maintaining friendships and even how…

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Sex Addiction: Should You Be Concerned

By Anna Baranowsky | Sep 10, 2020

We discuss sexual addiction – how it impacts relationships and how it’s linked to trauma on The numbers are in: 6% of population in the U.S. identify as having a sexual addiction. 27,000 people search Google for “sexual addiction” every day. This is a huge number, yet it is still an issue that we…

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Suicide Prevention – Grief and Healing

By Anna Baranowsky | Aug 10, 2020

We discuss Suicide Prevention, Grief and Healing with Barbara Rubel on Every year on September 10th, individuals and organizations in over 50 countries connect and work together to prevent suicide, by supporting those who are struggling and to help those who are grieving. This year we will address this topic with Barbara Rubel the…

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COVID Tired-Quarantine Fatigue

By Anna Baranowsky | Jul 10, 2020

We discuss why the COVID-19 pandemic is leaving us feeling exhausted, demoralized and unsettled – let’s call it “COVID Tired”. The talk of feeling tired seems to be seeping into many conversations lately. The timing was right to try and make sense of COVID Tired and what we might do to help LIGHTEN the mood…

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Embracing Black Lives Matter

By Anna Baranowsky | Jun 10, 2020

We discuss Embracing #BlackLivesMatter: A Conversation on Trauma, the Courage to Speak Out, Compassion to Witness and How to Respond on We pay attention to the deep and traumatic roots of Black Lives Matter and unpack the layers of how to respond effectively as individuals and within communities. I dialogue with mental health professional,…

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Shadow Uncovered

By Anna Baranowsky | May 12, 2020

We discuss Our Shadow and the Unconscious Mind that drives us in ways that may no longer serve us on “The most terrifying thing is to accept yourself fully.” – Carl Jung We start by recognizing that we are much more than the surface image we present to others while at the same time…

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Pain, Power – Purpose of Lies

By Anna Baranowsky | Apr 19, 2020

We discuss the Pain, Power & the Purpose of Lies on We have all lied at some point, and have likely been hurt by others lying to us. Wonder why we all do it? Why do some people lie compulsively? Have you ever felt a need to lie to pretend things are better than…

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Frontline Heroes – COVID Pandemic

By Anna Baranowsky | Apr 10, 2020

We discuss Frontline Heroes in the COVID Pandemic  on We address the impact on first responders/front line workers everywhere with two experts Dr. Brad Lindell of NC-CM and AAETS ( ) and Daniel McGuire of CISM Perspectives ( These include emergency room staff, doctors, nurses, clinicians, mental health practitioners, pharmacy staff, grocery staff, those still serving…

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Life in New COVID World

By Anna Baranowsky | Mar 19, 2020

We discuss Life in this New COVID World on How are you managing in this new COVID world? “the hope that something good can come out of this collective state of “together, apart.”- Elena Nicolaou, Mar 19, 2020 Things have changed so rapidly that everyday life seems like “a surreal life”. I walk to work…

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