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Frontline Heroes – COVID Pandemic

By Anna Baranowsky | Apr 10, 2020

We discuss Frontline Heroes in the COVID Pandemic  on We have all lied at some point, and have likely been hurt by others lying to us. Wonder why do we all do it? Why do some people lie compulsively? We addressed the impact on first responders/front line workers everywhere with two experts Dr. Brad Lindell of NC-CM and AAETS ( ) and Daniel McGuire of CISM Perspectives (…

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Life in new COVID World

By Anna Baranowsky | Mar 19, 2020

We discuss Life in this new COVID World on “the hope that something good can come out of this collective state of “together, apart.”- Elena Nicolaou, Mar 19, 2020 Things have changed so rapidly that everyday life seems like “a surreal life”. I walk to work and the streets are empty, I enter my building…

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What is loneliness-Why is it so bad now

By Anna Baranowsky | Jan 19, 2020

We discuss What is loneliness: Why is it so bad now on n the age of technology, we are more connected than ever, so why do many people still struggle with loneliness? First, let’s define loneliness. Loneliness is need of human connection but not being able to have it. It is a subjective experience and is not the…

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Setting Yourself Up for Success

By Anna Baranowsky | Dec 19, 2019

We discuss Setting Yourself Up for Success on “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit” – Will Durant The year 2020 is upon us and it marks the end of the decade. Millions of New Year’s resolutions will be made; however, the 8% success rate shows we just don’t…

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What is Happiness

By Anna Baranowsky | Oct 5, 2019

Happiness is something many of us strive for using all the wrong approaches. We distract ourselves looking for the next big excitement, numb ourselves so we won’t feel emotional pain, seek pleasure in purchases, chase status in position or gaining influence or power and treat ourselves with food that we are not hungry for. Anyone who has achieved fame, fortune, status eventually…

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What is Addiction

By Anna Baranowsky | Sep 5, 2019

We discuss Addiction on What is Addiction?Did you know that in the United States alone, 40 million people ages 12 and older abuse or are addicted to nicotine, alcohol, or other drugs? The percentage among the Canadian population is similar. Addiction is a disease that’s usually chronic in nature. It affects how the brain and body function,…

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