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Forward Facing Trauma Recovery – Profound Approach

By Anna Baranowsky | Jul 14, 2021

What does it mean to “Heal the Moral Wound”?  Have you experienced life-changing events that you have not been able to get over? Our guest today is Dr. J. Eric Gentry, renowned psychologist, author and speaker. His recent book Forward-Facing Trauma Therapy provides steps for reclaiming a life “filled with dignity, meaning and purpose”. LISTEN…

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Taming Sleep – Dreams & Nightmares

By Anna Baranowsky | Jun 11, 2021

We all know how much better we feel after a good night’s sleep.  But what happens when we are woken up throughout the night by disturbing nightmares and unsettling dreams?  Are we prepared with strategies for getting back to sleep or for addressing upsetting dream content when it surfaces?  What about repetitive nightmares that keep…

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Be You, Only Better – Real Life Self-Care

By Anna Baranowsky | May 7, 2021

Our topic is guided by Grief specialist and author of “Be You, Only Better”, Kristi Hugstad.  Her book gives practical strategies for facing real life hardships.  Ms. Hugstad lost her husband to suicide 8 years ago and has been grappling with the loss ever since.  She described her life prior to the suicide in glowing…

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Psychological Strategies that Help – CBT

By Anna Baranowsky | Apr 7, 2021

We will be talking about using psychological strategies with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy approaches to help manage depression, anxiety and other mental health struggles. Our guest today is Dr. Nina Josefowitz, renowned psychologist and co-author of ‘CBT Made Simple; A Clinicians Guide to Practicing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy’ in this month’s program. When: Thursday April 29,…

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Spiritual Growth as a Road to Psychological Well-Being

By Anna Baranowsky | Mar 6, 2021

We talk about the role that our spiritual growth plays in our overall psychological well-being in this month’s program. Transpersonal Psychology is the section of psychological study that addresses spiritual or transcendent elements of personal experience.  The idea of our transpersonal lives is that which encompasses or goes beyond our typical and practical daily…

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Men’s Emotional Pain

By Anna Baranowsky | Feb 7, 2021

We talk about about why we fail to see the emotional pain that men live with every day.  Beliefs can tie us in knots and render us blind to the struggles of others when we fail to look more closely with an open mind and heart.  Documentary filmmaker Cassie Jaye’s most notable film “The Red…

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Sedition – power over truth

By Anna Baranowsky | Jan 7, 2021

We discuss about Sedition – the lure of power over truth: Why people choose hate and division over love and connection on We talk about what led to the storming the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021.  From my point of view, this includes the lure of relevancy or a fear of loss of…

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Gratitude and Kindness Easing Holiday

By Anna Baranowsky | Dec 7, 2020

We discuss about Gratitude, Appreciation & Kindness to Ease Holiday Strain on 2020 is an unprecedented holiday season. COVID-19 has taken over the world landscape and changed lives forever. I just put up a 12 x 14 Canvas wall tent in my backyard. I filled it will pillows, blankets and heaters.  It is freezing…

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Staying Centred in a Chaotic World

By Anna Baranowsky | Nov 7, 2020

We discuss how to STOP doing everything for everyone and instead – remain centered and focused in on Christine Arylo is an entrepreneur and author of “Overwhelmed & Over it“. She focuses on shifting from overworking and giving too much to empowering yourself to achieve what matters most to you, receive what you need,…

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