Deborah is currently completing her master’s degree in counselling psychology at Yorkville University. She began her practicum training at Bear Psychology and Trauma Practice in September 2020.

Deborah’s interest in trauma originates from her work in the non-profit sector, where she worked with individuals and families at increased risk of compassion fatigue. There, she focused on understanding and destigmatizing the effects of trauma, particularly secondary trauma and compassion fatigue, as it affects community
advocates, volunteers, service workers, and healthcare professionals. Deborah’s recent research has focused on the effects of compassion fatigue and vicarious traumatization on service workers, as well as exploring the efficacy of various measures on preventing and mitigating PTSD in these populations.

Deborah’s perspective is influenced by core Rogerian values, wherein empathy, genuineness, and acceptance, guide her approach to client care. She believes in working in partnership with her clients to provide support, empathy, and applicable strategies when needed. Her goal is to provide the tools and support for clients to regain optimum daily function, and to enjoy fulfilling life experiences and meaningful relationships with others. At Bear Psychology, Deborah holds a support role in the group programs through Trauma Practice ( ) She is engaged in conducting assessments, preparing documentation and meeting individual clients. Deborah is trained in the Tri-phasic Trauma Practice therapy approach.