M.A., PhD Candidate in Clinical Psychology

Davey completed his master’s degree in clinical psychology in 2018 at York University where he is currently completing his PhD. Davey began working at Bear Psychology in the spring of 2018, and has received training from the Traumatology Institute on working with Post-Traumatic stress. Since joining the team, Davey has facilitated trauma therapy groups and sees individual clients who have trauma histories and suffer from Post-Traumatic stress.

Davey has received training and has experience working in the following areas:
• Experience working with young adults and adults (16+)
• Trained in the Tri-Phasic Trauma Model for working with trauma survivors
• Trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Client Centered, and Emotion Focused Therapy
• Experience working with anxiety, mood disorders (e.g., depression), trauma and PTSD
• Works with individuals and groups

Davey has specialized training in providing trauma therapy using the Tri-Phasic Trauma Model, and uses an integrative approach to psychotherapy and practices from a compassionate, client centered framework. He believes forming a strong, caring relationship with clients in a safe, welcoming environment is of the utmost importance when working with trauma. Working in the Tri-Phasic approach, the goal is to provide safety and stability through skills and insight so that trauma survivors can begin to move toward and process difficult emotions and memories at their own pace. Davey believes providing an empathetic, non-judgemental space allows individuals to work through their emotions and life experiences in a safe and healthy way.

Davey Chafe