Be Less Dickish – self-help for men

Be Less Dickish - self-help for men -- Bear Psychology Radio Show with David Coates & Corey Kilpack Hosted by Dr. Anna Baranowsky.


If you have ever fallen into negative patterns of action or thoughts that fail you often AND you identify as male (or know a man you want to better understand) then this self-help guide provides humorous and relevant instruction.  David and Corey write this book together as a patient & therapist duo with insight into the pitfalls and possible strategies to deal with 4 primary destructive patterns that might be getting you or someone you know into trouble. 

Join us Thursday September 29 in our conversation with therapist & co-authors David Coates & Corey Kilpack as we travel with them on their adventure to "Be less Dickish".   

Let's enjoy our conversation today.

Please ask questions, give examples and engage with our outspoken guests today.

Coates is a therapist on a mission to help men figure things out so they are more successful in their relational and life endeavours.

Kilpack is a client who sought therapy to better understand his pitfalls and figure out a roadmap for a way out.

Together this duo have identified the following "douchebag" quadrants (their descriptor not mine!) that undermine one's best act in life.  I have used their subtitles which provide more information to help the listener recognize the struggle:

  • Aggression / Assertiveness (A-Hole)
  • Imitation / Service (Douchebag)
  • Victimization / Self-Care (Dick)
  • Submission / Surrender ("Pussy)

And in special cases "Piece of S..t"

Adding a touch of humor to each story, the authors describe crass, destructive and non-productive strategies that change overtime to reveal that growth can happen with insight, understanding and new behaviour approaches. 


We all have something to learn from their reflection on how these 4 (or is it really 5) characters who become triggered and learn to use the TRACE approach (Trigger, Reaction, Awareness, Curiosity and Experimentation) to increase self-awareness and behave more effectively, as a result.


Let's enjoy our conversation today.

Please ask questions, give examples and engage with our outspoken guests today.


Do you have a story to share or a writing or journaling solution that has worked for you?  Join us in the conversation about this interesting self-exploration strategy.


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