M.A., PhD Candidate in Clinical Psychology

Alex is pursuing his career as a clinical psychologist through training at York University, where he is completing his PhD. He is particularly focused on developmental concerns related to trauma. That is, how individuals grow and develop with trauma over the years. He provides therapy at our clinic under the supervision of Dr. Anna Baranowsky.

Alex has experience providing cognitive behavioural therapy to adults and children, in individual and group formats. He has familiarity working with issues that co-occur with trauma including anxiety and obsessive-compulsive issues. His approach to therapy focuses on understanding the thoughts and feelings associated with complicated events. He also works on recognizing patterns of behaviour and helping clients move towards a new way to interact with their world. Alex always strives to create a warm, empathic space where people feel truly safe to share their stories. He believes that the therapy setting is often a starting point where people understand themselves better and can work towards enriching their relationships with others.

Alex Porthukaran